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We are now Musicians For Progress.

We are now Musicians For Progress.

What is in the future? Well, KAOL itself (KISS Army OnLine) will not have any more new releases to offer. We MAY repress some of the sold out titles if there is enough demand. For as long as this website is up and as long as we have some CDs to sell, we will continue to offer these fantastic discs to anyone who wants one.

But KAOL is not all that this is about. MusiCare Online was the original name of the parent sponsor for the KAOL projects and was specifically started so that we could utilize a variety of music to help others. Our fundraising and ideas for new projects has barely scratched the surface of its potential. Now that we have changed our name to Musicians For Progress, future new projects of completely different musical avenues are on the horizon. Musicians For Progress will be going thru some changes and morphing into its new identity in this next year as we shed the KAOL skin and develop some new ideas for future musical releases.

Please feel at home to look around the site. There’s LOTS of info about our donations to the charities, numerous bios on the bands and musicians involved in the recordings, and interesting histories on the birth of KAOL. Each Tribute CD in the Trilogy series has its own page with complete track listings, artwork, and detailed info on the package inserts and more. The rest of the news here on the front page, although a bit dated, is our most recent updated info on the CDs and donations – all that occurred back in 2002 just before the move to Arizona.

Read, look around, make a purchase! Thanks for visiting Musicians For Progress and KAOL. We hope what you learn here is inspiring – we certainly think it’s a story worth telling. Please bookmark us and come back in the future.…